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Up to 3 hours artwork design & proofs are included in pin pricing  
No charge for molds, dies and setups

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Standard Production Time Is 20-25 days after proof approval
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Different needs and budgets require different production methods. The chart below shows the relationship of cost and detail in our production methods. Use this chart to help you determine which type of pin you should create.

Cloisonné pins are suitable for corporate awards due to their jewelry-like appearance. These are the finest type of pin you can have produced, but the details are etched into the metal and filled with melted glass. This means you need to build the pin large enough to carry the details. Jewels and metal finishes are popular effects for these type of pins.

Photo Etched pins are also a raised metal and relief pin that have the design acid-etched onto the surface instead of die-stamping. These are a lower-cost version of cloisonné, that use enamel paint to fill the recessed areas. Both Cloisonné and Soft Enamel pins use metal to separate the colors. The design needs to allow for this, with no colors touching each other. Raised areas are polished to a high lustre, while recessed areas are rough sandblasted, or filled with color.

Silkscreen printed pins can carry more detail than diestruck pins. You may use up to 8 colors with no additional charge. Exact matching of colors is best done using silkscreen instead of offset process printing. Gradients and fine details are best done using printed pins.

Offset printed pins also carry fine details, but they are printed using the four process colors, Black, Magenta, Cyan, and Yellow. This allows you to print actual photographs on your pin! This process is best when you have more than 8 colors, fine details, photos or gradients.

Die Struck pins can use gold, silver or black metal. All pins can have a protective, clear epoxy dome placed on top, but it is not recommended for cloisonné. Bare metal can be allowed to show through the design on printed pins.

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