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Up to 3 hours artwork design & proofs are included in pin pricing  
No charge for molds, dies and setups

Regular service freight included in pin pricing

Standard Production Time Is 20-25 days after proof approval
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Glitter colors are a very affordable way to spice up the look of your custom trading pin, we offer a variety of eye-catching glitter colors to fit your team colors!

Blinkiing lights can add value to your pin with a choices of Red, Green, and Yellow are available. Blue is available at additional cost. Lights can blink at the same time or osilate to blink at different times. You must have a least a 1 1/2 " pin to use blinking lights on your pin. These are very popular with sports teams. Please call for prices.

A Spinner is a second lapel pin that is attached by a rivet to the main pin, allowing it to spin freely. It can be used to show movement in the wheels of a car, a ball rotating, a guitar spinning or any item you want to spin.

A Slider is a second lapel pin that is attached through a cutout in the main pin and held in place with a rivet allowing the slider to slide freely from point "A" to point "B".

Our Bobble-Head pins utilize a high quality spring to connect the two pin pieces together. It can be off the side of the pin or as a 3D effect off the front of the pin.

Danglers are a secondary pin hanging from the main pin. They are usually much smaller, so icons or simple designs work best. Years, age groups, and states are common wordings on danglers.

Puzzle pins are great way of making it fun and challenging to collect all the pieces.

Rhinestone jewels add elegance to pin designs. They can be used to designate years served or other achievements. Standard colors are red, white, blue and green, but other colors are available with separate pricing.

A glass dome is a clear acrylic overlay that magnifies the pin underneath. Sometimes this element is incorporated into the design, as in the case of a gumball machine, fishbowl, or television.

Glow in the dark ink can be used, and comes in green or blue. It requires a separate printing pass, which adds two days of production time. Goes great with blinkies!!

3D pins have a sculpted or raised look. These require more production time and are quite beautiful. Usually produced without too many colors, relying on the metal to carry the design.

Metal plating and antique finishes are available. Metal areas can be polished or left rough on etched pins.

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